Sunny Side Up Eggs & Bacon

Ingredients: organic eggs, bacon, tomatoes, cheese

Did the morning start a little late today? Or you just want to have some eggs in the evening? Don`t worry, here you can order this dish all day long without getting a grumpy face from the waiter because we know how that feels like.

Everybody wants to eat, at least once, breakfast later than the morning so don`t hesitate and try our Sunny Side Up with bacon and some vegetables to go along.

pexels-photo-103124 (1)

We always serve only organic food and that is a really important thing in our restaurant so be prepared to taste a delicious egg delivered from a farm we trust and a fresh bacon all garnished with an olive oil and and lemon sauce.


Did we read your toughs and made the right thing by serving breakfast all day long? We know we did!

So enjoy this dish!

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