Ingredients: pork meat, tomatoes, mushrooms, cucumbers, peppers

Are you searching for a tasty meal? This is the perfect one with a nice blend of meat and vegetables all skewed up and grilled in the barbecue stove just how you would do it at your garden party. The fresh meat we get delivered every day  from our friends from the farm outside town … read more

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Ingredients: pizza dough, Mozzarella, Pepperoni, olives, onions, tomatoes

Today we are lazy and we don`t want to think about recipes so we let you pick the ingredients for your pizza. We promise to keep it Italian. So we made you a list of ingredients and you can mix them together and we`ll bake the best pizza you have ever eaten. Our half Italian … read more

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Ingredients: organic eggs, bacon, tomatoes, cheese

Did the morning start a little late today? Or you just want to have some eggs in the evening? Don`t worry, here you can order this dish all day long without getting a grumpy face from the waiter because we know how that feels like. Everybody wants to eat, at least once, breakfast later than … read more

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Ingredients: pork ribs, tomato ketchup, Worcestershire sauce, onion, chili

Traditional american food is at it`s best when we serve the “BBQ Ribs With Chive Dip” dish. We know you love a delicious meal so search no more, we have the perfect recipe for you. Just think about those tasty ribs with a juicy sauce and some French Fries on the side. We brush the … read more

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Ingredients: vanilla ice cream, blueberries, milk, whipped cream

The summer heat is always draining your energy so you need to reinvigorate yourself with a nice refreshment. Don`t worry we have the perfect choice for you. Stay healthy and don`t make any compromises. That is why we came up with the idea of buying wild blueberries from a mountain gatherer. These specific fruits are guaranteed … read more

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Ingredients: mint leaves, lime juice, syrup, coconut water, white rum, ice

 Just imagine yourself on a sunny summer day on a wild beach somewhere in Cuba just laying on a sunbed hearing the waves. This picture is not complete without a nice drink to cool you down. To blend with the situation we recommend you get a nice mojito inside a coconut fruit.  The recipe is … read more

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